Velo Video Game



Digital activity that creates social connections.


During the Velo Video Game activity, the energy required to power the game console and the screen is generated from members of the audience cycling together on the generator bike. With this popular activity, we ingeniously want to impact the gamers present and their family, show them the importance of a sustainable life and sport values.

How does it work ?

In order to play, the participants have to first accumulate the energy required to start the game. Once done, we can start the game. While gamers are fighting monsters, dancing or avoiding obstacles, the next participants cycle for the next game.

With this fun and practical activity, the gamers and the audience develop their self-awareness regarding environmental issues.

20 to 50 m² inside or outside
From 60 to 80 participants per hour
5 to 10 minutes per session
From 1h to 4h

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